A Catalytic infrared cure oven provides process flexibility, long service life and exceptional energy efficiency.
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Infrared Cure Ovens

A Catalytic Infrared Curing OvenCatalytic infrared cure ovens provides process flexibility, long service life and exceptional energy efficiency. These systems are well suited to a wide range of curing tasks.

When infrared energy is emitted onto a part that is painted or powder coated, the energy is absorbed into the coating on the substrate, rather than the substrate having to be heated to cure the powder.

A Catalytic infrared cure oven has a faster cycle compared to convection. Product positioning, the distance from the emitter to the surface of the part, and the intensity of the emitters, also impact how well, and how quickly, a full cure can be achieved.

catalytic industrial systems has more than 50 years experience with advanced curing technologyCatalytic has more than 50 years experience bringing advanced infrared curing oven technology to companies who need an efficient, highly uniform cure for paints, powders, adhesives, and other materials. Our engineering team can design a system that will generate the precise energy distribution necessary to achieve a uniform cure for all of the components you process.

Later, if you introduce a new material, or change your powder formula, product weight or shape – or if you want to increase line speeds, we can show you how a Catalytic infrared cure oven can quickly adapt to your new situation.

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