Catalytic hazardous area heaters are flameless and explosion proof.
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flameless CIS heaters are ideally suited for hazardous areas

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Hazardous Area Heaters

Catalytic hazardous area heaters are flameless and explosion-proof. Because these heaters have no flame, they are approved by Factory Mutual for Class 1, Division 2, Group D locations. They also have Canadian Standards Association approvals for Class 1, Divisions 1&2, Group D hazardous locations.

hazardous area heater

For export to the Eurozone, our catalytic heaters meet ATEX standards for hazardous area heaters and have all the essential health and safety requirements for acceptance.

Flameless gas catalytic infrared heaters are ideally suited for hazardous areas, and CIS provides them for a wide range of uses, including combination spray-cure booths, paint rooms, facilities that use powdered metals, and chemical, paint and petrochemical storage; and also areas where there are flammable or explosive materials.

hazardous area heaters can be used in transit storage and fueling facilities

Catalytic flameless gas infrared systems can be used as hazardous area heaters in transit fueling and storage facilities ("bus barns."). They are approved for any areas where fuels and fuel vapors require rated hazardous area heaters to protect workers and equipment.

Like all Catalytic Industrial heaters, these special-use systems deliver precise, reliable, long-term performance.

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