Catalytic Industrial Systems is the world leader in Industrial Oven Technology, specializing in infrared cure ovens, combination infrared / convection ovens, dry off ovens, convection oven systems, and catalytic IR powder gel / ramp-up oven sytems.
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CIS has more catalytic ovens in service than any manufacturer.

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An Industrial Oven for Every Commercial Application

Catalytic Industrial Systems manufactures industrial cure oven systems including infrared cure ovens, combination infrared / convection ovens, infrared dry off ovens and convection cure ovens that meet the needs of industry worldwide.

Catalytic is the World Leader in Industrial Oven Technology

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infrared cure ovensINFRARED CURE OVENS
Infrared Cure ovens have a much faster curing cycle, allowing oven size to be minimized. This results in an oven size that will save on floor space and can be a fraction of the space required for a conventional convection system. More On Infrared Cure Ovens

Combination infrared / convection ovensCOMBINATION INFRARED / CONVECTION OVENS
Industrial oven systems that are "combination" type use infrared energy to ramp-up product temperatures prior to a convection "soak" stage, where finish curing or drying is completed. Infrared emitters can be retrofitted inside an existing convection oven to increase production within restricted spaces. A combination system can be engineered to accommodate a broad range of part sizes and shapes. More On Infrared & Convection Ovens

dry off ovensIndustrial OVENS for dry off
For fast evaporation of water or liquids from the pretreatment process from wash systems prior to the painting processes, CIS offers both catalytic infrared dry off and convection dry off systems. More On Dry Off Ovens

convection oven systemsCONVECTION OVEN SYSTEMS
Conventional convection hot air recirculation systems for use where numerous part sizes, part configura-tions and part thicknesses are processed for dry off and/or cure of wet paints and powder coatings.  More On Convection Ovens

catalytic IR powder gel / ramp-up oven systemsCATALYTIC IR POWDER GEL / RAMP-UP OVEN SYSTEM
Infrared ramp-up systems accelerate the cure cycle time of powder and wet coatings. Used in combination with convection heating, the catalytic infrared heaters will set or "gel" powder coating and greatly reduce powder loss from convection air turbulence. More On Gel / Ramp-Up Ovens

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